Balance Between Work And Proper Sleep

Now a days men and women are busy in various activities and do not care about their health. From dawn till dusk they keep themselves busy in work and other activities which keep them away from thinking over their health issues. From one place to another and from one job to the next, they do not bother about rest and leisure. Making more money is their only activity. The first thing they sacrifice is their sleep. They give less time to sleep and consume those sleeping hours sitting on computers doing work. Some people go for party and entertainment after long working hours and ultimately cut short the time to go to bed.

Proper eight hours sleep is very important for our health. Improper sleep has first attack on our memory and then it continuous to affect on other systems of body. Reducing the nighttime sleep and excessive day time sleep affect on our ability to think and process information. It can become a cause of serious diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, obesity and psychiatric problems.

To maintain balance between work and proper sleep you have to write down the next day’s to-do list at the end of each workday and then put the items out of your mind until you return to work. Leaving stress at the office also can help improve sleep. Avoid the activities that take you away from sleep like avoid coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate and alcohol close to bedtime. If you will have a proper sleep then you will focus more attentively on work and will spend good and healthy life.


Cellular Operators Add New Charges To Subscribers

Majority of cellular companies will charge now additional taxes on reload of airtime or recharge of balance effective from July 1, 2011. Three out of five operators have announced that 1.0 to 1.5 percent additional amount will be deducted at the time of every reload of balance purchase by customers while the remaining two operators might also impose the new charges after passage of time.

If a customer recharges Rs 100 balance, he or she will have to pay 1.0 to 1.5 percent additional tax apart from the other taxes already being charged by the cellular operators. The operators are allowed to increase service charges without approval of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) since the deregulation of telecom sector in 2003-04.

The cellular operators are trying to share the burden of increasing operational cost with their subscribers as the price war has eroded their revenues substantially, an official of a cellular company said.

Voltair, An Electrical Aircraft Ready to Fly in 2035

Paris Air show is a world’s largest and famous air show. Its main purpose is to demonstrate military and civilian aircraft to potential customers. Many concepts of future aircraft displayed at the Paris Air Show, France, which took place last week. One of the most innovative is VoltAir, aircraft with electric propulsion technology and produces zero emissions.

Strong and efficient, the plane has the resources of a pair of advanced li-ion battery under the ” nose ” of it. When the plane landed, the battery is easily removed and replaced by new ones, thus reducing complexity. Resources were not as expensive jet fuel. Although the design of the aircraft would not be much different today but the fuselage will be made of composite materials that will make it stronger and lighter. Drag the aircraft will be reduced by curling wing tips as the Boeing 787.

VoltAir designed not noisy conventional aircraft. The aircraft maker EADS said, this concept will become reality by 2035.


Billawal Aslam Of Pakistan Raced In Olympics And Won Gold Medal

Billawal Aslam is a talented Pakistani cyclist who, participated in Olympics World Games, stood first and earned Gold Medal for Pakistan by defeating everyone in cycle race.

In a special performance on the wheels, Billawal finished first in the 1000m/1km time trial to edge past the opponents. Fellow Pakistani cyclist Nazeer Ahmed came fourth in the race.

Aslam defeated Mexico’s Johnny Tovar and India’s Yogendra Kumar Shrivas.


Indian Actors Speaking For Pakistan In IIFA, Toronto

IIFA is an annual Indian international award show and it is 12th year spreading the magic of Indian cinema and this time in Toronto which is one of the most popular cultural destinations in the worlds.

On the red carpet of the show, famous bollywood celebrities talked to media and when they were asked if Pakistan hosts this show then would they perform in Pakistan. In reply to this question they expressed their desire to come Pakistan. They wished that IIFA should organize its award function in Pakistan and they would definitely be the part of the show.

They also spoke about the fans in Pakistan and thank to all Pakistanis who watch their movies, love them and support them through social networks like facebook and twitter. Bollywood celebrities also said that there is no difference between the people of both countries and the leaders should realize that the people love each other and they wish to see peace and both the countries together.

Veena Malik in Bollywood’s Item Number

Recently Veena Malik signed her debut film in Bollywood but now through some sources it is come to know that Veena is going to do an Item Number for film ‘Phir Mulakat Ho Na Ho’ directed by Bobby Sheikh.

‘Phir Mulakat Ho Na Ho’ is a first film as directed by Bobby. He has been the assistant director in films like ‘Rann’ and ‘Rang De Basanti’. With songs by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, KK and Atif Aslam, the film also stars Rajpal Yadav, Kader Khan and Praveen Kumar and will hit the screens in September this year.

Veena Malik got fame from an Indian TV reality show “Big Boss” and now she wants recognition through her acting in Indian films.


Flood Measures on Approaching Monsoon

Monsoon has started and yesterday night had a first heavy rain which caused the reduction in severe hot. But if we look to the areas where the flood had created a huge destruction last year are still in danger. The Government of Punjab has taken few measures to control the situation after heavy rain in monsoon.

District Flood Relief Committee is formed and Additional collector Nadir Khan Chattha has been given added charge as district flood relief officer (DFRO). Lahore district is protected from flooding by the Shahdara and Sharqpur bunds on the right side and by Mehmood Booti on the left.

Fifty-eight “sensitive points” in the district have been identified. The main source of flood warnings will be the Irrigation Department and the police wireless setup. Wireless sets will be installed at Ravi Gauge Station and Ravi Siphon and they will relay information on discharge levels at Jassar, from where the water takes about 36 hours to reach Shahdara.

The Lahore Electricity Supply Company (LESCO), Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL), Solid Waste Management (SWM), Rescue 1122, the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), the Parks and Horticulture Authority, Civil Defence, town municipal administrations, and livestock and health officials have also made flood contingency plans.

The executive district officer (health) will plan for and organise emergency centres for medical care during floods in the area under his jurisdiction. He will arrange for vaccinations and inoculations and ensure that supplies of antibiotics, oral rehydration solution (ORS) packets and anti-venom serum are adequate.


Some Bad Habits Can Increase Your Weight

If you are doing proper exercise and taking normal diet but still not losing weight as more it can be then you must check your daily activities. The study by the Harvard team showed tiny changes in diet and lifestyle can make a big impact. The study focuses on human lifestyle like foods, activity, sleep habits etc.

Taking less calories in food is not a good diet. But a proper selection of food is very important. Foods that added most to weight included daily consumption of potatoes, sugar-sweetened beverages, unprocessed red meats and processed meats. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts, if you increase their intake, you had relative weight loss.

Sleep also played a role. People in the study who got between six and eight hours of sleep were less likely to gain weight over the study period. But people who got less than six hours or more than eight hours tended to gain weight.

And when people increased their physical activity, they tended to gain less weight during the study period. The studies also focused on watching TV. The more you will watch TV the more you will get away of physical activities. So watch less TV and get involve in physical work.


Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Established Highest Glacier Monitoring Station

To measure snowfall, solar radiation intensity, humidity precipitation, wind speeds, wind directions and other weather conditions Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has established the highest Glacier Monitoring Station in the country, at an elevation of 4500 meters above the sea level.

The station established on Passu Glacier in Hunza Basin to study weather conditions in the glacier environment. PMD started studying the Passu Glacier last year by establishing a Glacier Monitoring Station at an elevation of 3200 meters above sea level, through financial assistance of International Centre of Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD).

PMD took glacier monitoring initiative in 2006, and since then glaciers such as Hinarchie Galcier in Bagrot Valley, Baltoro and Biafo Glacier in Shigar Valley, Batura, Gulmit and Gulkin glaciers of Hunza Valley are thoroughly studied.

In continuation of such strives, Director General of PMD, Arif Mehmood has formed a team of young scientists under the leadership of Dr. Ghulam Rasul to install an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) in the ‘accumulation zone’ of the Passu Glacier. The team’s members include Muhammad Atif Wazir, Furrukh Bashir, Adnan Shafiq Rana, Syed Kamaludin, Habibullah Barohi, Waqar Ali and Shahir Ali.


Faisal Bank T20 Tournament 2011

For the second time in Pakistan, Faisal Bank T20 tournament was started on 24 June. The  of Pakistan loved this tournament as it is the only match which was played on the Pakistani grounds after the attack on Sri Lankan team. PCB and Faisal Bank started this domestic tournament for three years in 2010.

Faysal Bank will be awarding the winning team Rs 2.5 million as prize money and Rs. 1 million for the runners up. Eight teams divided into two groups will be participating in this tournament.

Group A Teams: Lahore Lions, Sialkot Stallions, Islamabad Leopards, Hyderabad Hawks

Group B Teams: Faisalabad Wolves, Rawalpindi Rams, Karachi Dolphins and the Multan Tigers.

Uptill now four matches have been played and today (Tuesday) Karachi Dolphins will face Faisalabad Dolphins and the Rawalpindi Rams will play Multan Tigers. Geo Super will broadcast both matches live.  The first match will be played at 5 pm between Karachi Dolphins and Faisalabad Dolphins while Rawalpindi Rams will play Multan Tigers at 9 pm.