Voltair, An Electrical Aircraft Ready to Fly in 2035

Paris Air show is a world’s largest and famous air show. Its main purpose is to demonstrate military and civilian aircraft to potential customers. Many concepts of future aircraft displayed at the Paris Air Show, France, which took place last week. One of the most innovative is VoltAir, aircraft with electric propulsion technology and produces zero emissions.

Strong and efficient, the plane has the resources of a pair of advanced li-ion battery under the ” nose ” of it. When the plane landed, the battery is easily removed and replaced by new ones, thus reducing complexity. Resources were not as expensive jet fuel. Although the design of the aircraft would not be much different today but the fuselage will be made of composite materials that will make it stronger and lighter. Drag the aircraft will be reduced by curling wing tips as the Boeing 787.

VoltAir designed not noisy conventional aircraft. The aircraft maker EADS said, this concept will become reality by 2035.


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