Balance Between Work And Proper Sleep

Now a days men and women are busy in various activities and do not care about their health. From dawn till dusk they keep themselves busy in work and other activities which keep them away from thinking over their health issues. From one place to another and from one job to the next, they do not bother about rest and leisure. Making more money is their only activity. The first thing they sacrifice is their sleep. They give less time to sleep and consume those sleeping hours sitting on computers doing work. Some people go for party and entertainment after long working hours and ultimately cut short the time to go to bed.

Proper eight hours sleep is very important for our health. Improper sleep has first attack on our memory and then it continuous to affect on other systems of body. Reducing the nighttime sleep and excessive day time sleep affect on our ability to think and process information. It can become a cause of serious diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, obesity and psychiatric problems.

To maintain balance between work and proper sleep you have to write down the next day’s to-do list at the end of each workday and then put the items out of your mind until you return to work. Leaving stress at the office also can help improve sleep. Avoid the activities that take you away from sleep like avoid coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate and alcohol close to bedtime. If you will have a proper sleep then you will focus more attentively on work and will spend good and healthy life.


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