Indian Actors Speaking For Pakistan In IIFA, Toronto

IIFA is an annual Indian international award show and it is 12th year spreading the magic of Indian cinema and this time in Toronto which is one of the most popular cultural destinations in the worlds.

On the red carpet of the show, famous bollywood celebrities talked to media and when they were asked if Pakistan hosts this show then would they perform in Pakistan. In reply to this question they expressed their desire to come Pakistan. They wished that IIFA should organize its award function in Pakistan and they would definitely be the part of the show.

They also spoke about the fans in Pakistan and thank to all Pakistanis who watch their movies, love them and support them through social networks like facebook and twitter. Bollywood celebrities also said that there is no difference between the people of both countries and the leaders should realize that the people love each other and they wish to see peace and both the countries together.

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