Khewra Mines, Best Spot For One Day Trip

Children usually spend their summer holidays with cousins and relatives. Some enjoy their vacations on hill stations or even out of the country. But there are still few children who have not enjoyed this period yet. The reason could be the severity of summer, or busy schedules of their parents or they are still planning to go somewhere. Those who cannot spare many days for spending holidays can enjoy even a day out of home like Sunday. For people living around Islamabad, they can enjoy a day return trip to  Murree and near hill stations but Lahories cannot enjoy visiting such places in one day. At this moment they have a best option to enjoy the real beauty of nature inside the mountains and that is Khewra Salt Mines.

About 160 kilometers from Islamabad and 260 kilometers from Lahore, there isworld second largest salt mine at the small town of Khewra. It is said that When Alexandra visited South Asia with his army then he discovered the Khewra salt mines. The discovery of the mines, however, was not made by Alexander nor his “allies”, but by his horse. It is stated that when Alexander’s army stopped here for rest, the horses started licking the stones. One of his soldiers took notice of it and when he tasted the rock stone, it was salty thus leading to the discovery of the mines.

There are so many worth watching objects inside the khewra salt mines. With the help of salt bricks, there is a mosque, hospital, model of Minar-e-Pakistan and many such things are constructed. Fancy lights on the walkways and inside the ponds really catch the attention of visitors. Thousands of people visit to the place every year. Impressed by this, PMDC has opened a resort at khewra mines. So get ready and spend whole day at khewra Salt Mines with friends and family members.


Race Between Facebook And Google +

Google has recently launched a social network service that is Google+ which is considered to be the biggest rival of Facebook. Google is also known as king of internet search engines. Just like Facebook you can share messages, comments and pictures but in addition it offers some exciting features like circles, hangout, sparks, huddle etc.

‘Circle’ allows you to add new friends in the group to whom you can share different content like pictures or messages. The best thing about it is that you can define who can view your updates. Google says that “It gives you the option of separating your Friends from Just Friends, Relatives, Family and of course your boss.”

‘Spark’ unites the people in a group who have common interests. This feature lets you choose from a list of interests or to enter your own specific interest. Then it gathers all relevant content from the web about that topic and allows you to control which circle views what content.

‘Huddle’ is a type of group messaging. Just like Facebook, it allows you to make a group chat.

‘Hangout’ is the most exciting feature of Google+ that could be a possible killer of Facebook. This feature allows the users to have a video chat whether in form of group or between two people. You can create hangouts of up to 10 people.

Besides the above listed four features, there are other features like Stream which is similar to your Facebook newsfeeds. Another important feature is the instant upload. The photos and videos from your mobile can be shared instantly. You can take a photo and it uploads to your Picasa or YouTube account and then you can share those photos and videos via Google+ to specific “circles.”

Facebook has 700 million users till date where the Google+ did not launched worldwide but its exciting new features raise the question that who will win the race?

Mass Transit Train Plan For Rawalpindi

To overcome the transportation problems of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) presented a mass transit train plan to Punjab Governor Latif Khosa, which was highly appreciated.

Governor said that mass Transit Train system in Rawalpindi has become a need of the hour and project would be initiated soon after the consultation with Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani. He said that he will convince the Prime Minister to commence the project as soon as possible.


State Bank Of Pakistan Money Museum

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) inaugurated its money museum in Karachi to celebrate Pakistan’s wider economic and banking history, as well as the origins and role of the SBP. The concept of the museum is to show origin of money right from cowrie shell to credit cards.

The museum has Coin Galleries, Stamp Gallery, Currency Gallery, History of State Bank, Governors’ Gallery, and Art Gallery. The ‘Art Gallery’ of the museum displays Sadequain’s murals and other rare paintings.


Animation Giant PIXAR Celebrating Its 25 Annivarsary

Pixar is a pioneer of computer animation that was born in 1980’s and today celebrating its 25 birthday. Pixar is one of the most successful studios that has made number of animated feature films.

The studio has earned 26 Academy Awards, seven Golden Globes, and three Grammy Awards, among many other awards and acknowledgments. Pixar has produced twelve feature films, beginning with Toy Story in 1995. It was then followed by A Bug’s Life, Toy story 2, Monster’s Inc., Cars, Finding Nemo and many others. All 12 films that Pixar has produced have been largely successful both critically and commercially.

In honor of Pixar’s 25th anniversary, YouTube member NkMcDonalds put together a video montage of twelve feature films and 20 short subjects.

Pakistan Out Of Football World Cup Qualifier Round

The second leg of football World Cup qualifier round between Pakistan and Bangladesh was played on Sunday at Punjab Stadium. As in the first match Bangladesh won by 3-0, so the Pakistan was needed 4-0 to with the first qualifier. But the match ended with draw and Pakistan could not succeed for the second qualifier matches.

Bangladesh skipper Biplob Bhattacharajee said “We came here with confident that we will reach the second round and although Pakistan proved tough we managed to keep them at bay,”. Bangladesh will now play Lebanon in the two-legged second round on July 23 and 28.


Reema Khan Appeals Govt. To Support Pakistan Film Industry

A film delegation consisting of film producers, directors and actors had a meeting with MNA Hamza Sharif in which Reema Khan asked the Punjab Government to provide interest free loans to film producers for the revival of Pakistani cinema.

In the four hours meeting, Reema Khan raised many issues in which she insisted that the Bollywood and Hollywood movies should be banned for few days around both Eids. She also proposed the government to hold provincial and regional level film awards. She asked for the government support in making a film lab in Pakistan that should be equipped with latest tools and equipments.

Syed Noor, Shan, Shehzad Gul, Pervaiz Kalim, Ghulam Muhayyudin and Shazia Manzoor were also the part of delegation.


Illegal Kidney Transplant Gang Arrested In Lahore

North Cantt Police on Friday arrested seven people from Lahore who were involved in an illegal business of kidney transplant. The gang was caught from a rented house situated in Ameer-ud-din Park near Taj Pura. SP Operations Hashmat Kamal told that when police raided at the house a man was lying unconscious on a stretcher for operation.

Police told that the gang has been running this business for one year and they used to sell the kidneys and other organs to foreigners and rich people. Their main buyers are Middle East countries including Saudi Arab, U.A.E, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Syria.

DIG Operation Ghulam Mahmood Dogar told that these criminals used to transplant the kidney for Pk Rs. 700,000 up to one million and they give about 150,000 to 200,000 to the donor. Dr Hanif, gang leader, was also arrested while the Police has seized all the medical instruments during raid.


Tech Giants Discrimination Against Pakistan

Is it a political scheme or biasness that many tech giants are not giving their services to Pakistan? Paypal is one of the popular and dominant ways of carry out transactions over the internet and it is considered secure and safe way for transferring money. But it would be a surprise for you to know that this tech giant is offering its services to 190 countries all around the world but Pakistan is not in their list. Even they are giving their services to countries like Somalia and Ethiopia.

Similarly Nokia is another household name in mobile markets here and Pakistan generates substantial revenue for Nokia but this phone giant does not have even a local website for our country where as the Bangladesh has one. In the same way Google does not open an office in Pakistan where in India there are four offices. There are so many examples like this and so it let us think that why this is so? Why there is a discrimination against Pakistan?

According to some economists and theorists, it may be a political ploy and conspiracy against these companies and never let them to enter in Pakistan. Another possible reason could be that these companies do not see Pakistan as an attractive option. Political instabilities, economic issues, terrorism, banking infrastructure and many other factors may become a reason for these companies to not to start operation here.

These companies may have some other fears but our Government authorities and media should highlight this issue. As Pakistan is an emerging market and the people have potential to bring billions in our country.