Tech Giants Discrimination Against Pakistan

Is it a political scheme or biasness that many tech giants are not giving their services to Pakistan? Paypal is one of the popular and dominant ways of carry out transactions over the internet and it is considered secure and safe way for transferring money. But it would be a surprise for you to know that this tech giant is offering its services to 190 countries all around the world but Pakistan is not in their list. Even they are giving their services to countries like Somalia and Ethiopia.

Similarly Nokia is another household name in mobile markets here and Pakistan generates substantial revenue for Nokia but this phone giant does not have even a local website for our country where as the Bangladesh has one. In the same way Google does not open an office in Pakistan where in India there are four offices. There are so many examples like this and so it let us think that why this is so? Why there is a discrimination against Pakistan?

According to some economists and theorists, it may be a political ploy and conspiracy against these companies and never let them to enter in Pakistan. Another possible reason could be that these companies do not see Pakistan as an attractive option. Political instabilities, economic issues, terrorism, banking infrastructure and many other factors may become a reason for these companies to not to start operation here.

These companies may have some other fears but our Government authorities and media should highlight this issue. As Pakistan is an emerging market and the people have potential to bring billions in our country.


One thought on “Tech Giants Discrimination Against Pakistan”

  1. No doubt, there is some sort of discrimination but it is also fact that companies are more concerned about Peace and Friendly working environment before offering services to any country. So Pakistani Authorities should make better environment in Pakistan.

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