We love pop savvy Pakistanis: Josh

Pakistanis are people that know their music and are mature listeners as compared to India who are mostly driven by Bollywood music, the band Josh told in an interview. The band members, Rupinder Magon and Qurram Hussain are in Pakistan to release their album ‘Beyond Kismat’ which is being sponsored by an international fast food chain. When asked why they choose Pakistan to release their album when they could have done so anywhere in the world, they replied that Pakistanis are addicted to good lyrics and rhythm. “They certainly know pop music and appreciate it to the maximum level. The people at the concerts know the lyrics to our songs,” they said.

It’s an honour for any musician when the audience is able to sing your song when you put the microphone in their direction. And we have gotten that response here which compelled us to release our album from here, said Rupinder. Their album would be released on May 30, worldwide, whereas a copy would be given for free at fast food outlets against a purchase of their product. The best thing about the people here in Pakistan is that they love music and don’t differentiate between nationalities. Their warm response has always compelled us to visit this place again.

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