Longest Lunar Eclipse of 2011

Sky turned black when longest lunar eclipse of the history appeared last night and it remained for 100 minutes. People from different part of world enjoyed the worth watching scene. It was visible in eastern Africa, Middle East, Western Australia and Central and Southern Asia, including Pakistan.

The eclipse was the first full eclipse of 2011 and, at 100 minutes, was also the longest lunar eclipse in more than a decade. Although, clouds continued to be an unwelcome intrusion to many people, it was nevertheless, an experience to remember. Urbanites were at a disadvantage, since their view was hampered by both clouds and city lights, which is why, some devotees of sky life packed their bags and headed for the open skies for a more scenic vision. Nor were they disappointed, for during total eclipse when the moon’s light was practically non-existent, stars that would normally be dimmed shone down brightly at them.


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