A House Found on Mars

David Martines, an amateur American astronomer has observed a house or a kind of building on Mars Planet from a flyby of the Google Earth Mars explorer.

The observations of David are interesting – he has apparently seen a cylindrical object that would be around 700 feet long and 150 feet wide. His naming it ‘Bio Station Alpha’ is logical assuming that it either houses living beings or did so in the past if it has since been abandoned. Or – that someone had kept it there as a store to hold equipment. He has the co-ordinates and claims that anyone who has downloaded the Google Earth software can view it and draw his own conclusions.


NASA would certainly be pleased with this news and could get a sanction from the President of the USA to reactivate their efforts to land on Mars.



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  1. There was a related video with this link but some how youtube or related channel has withdrawal the link, I will try to find the video link.

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