Education Sector of IT in Pakistan

Pakistan is struggling hard to promote IT education in the country. It is still moving towards its boom in IT industry. Other countries like America, Europe, Japan, China, etc pay special attention to education of IT in their countries. However, education sector in Pakistan is in its infancy. It is the duty of our Government to take positive steps to put IT education on the right track. Government has already taken many actions to promote education of IT in the country, but more needs to be done.


Government must invest money to save our local industry of hardware. It must provide opportunities which this industry can employ people for its success. The same case remained with the education sector. However, the policy of our government was comparatively better in this sector. Many workshops and training sessions were organized in collaboration of Intel, Microsoft and Oracle which helped teachers in understanding the new technology. These sessions were not only organized in private sector, but, government schools, colleges and universities also benefited from such opportunities. Many imperative actions were performed for the promotion of IT education in 2009. Some of these events include organization of science Olympiad, agreements with UNESCO and ED-Link which were planned not only to make IT education common in cities but also in rural areas. In addition, education awards were organized for promoting education of Information Technology. Successful students were awarded these awards which increased their courage to move forward in this field. Not only this, many NGOs are also participating in this task which will contribute greatly for the promotion of Information Technology. All this seems worthwhile, but when comparing to other countries, Pakistan is a little behind in education of IT.


There are numerous people who are using latest technology in their lives, but majority of these do not understand it completely. IT specialists claim that up to 2012, this situation will be controlled. It is also hoped that in near future, local hardware industry will also stand on its feet. Whereas, software sector is concerned in 2009, it remains the same. According to Pakistan Software Housing Association (PSHA), Pakistan has a big export market of software. These softwares are exported to many countries where these are employed successfully.


The education sector of Information Technology in Pakistan is not flourishing with the pace as in other countries. Japan is a prominent country in which people are well aware of IT and their manufacturing industry is booming day by day. Japan has just made a new prototype robot, Humanoid, which acts like a human and serves as a watchman in daily life. If this model becomes successful, then such robots will be seen in other organizations. America and Europe have produced driverless cars and this concept is becoming popular day by day. These cars run with the help of GRS system. The speed at which China has made advancement in the sectors of Information Technology and other related ones, helps everyone to understand that within next few years, China will dominate the whole world in information technology, telecom and electronics sectors. Every other day, they launch new gadgets, devices and appliances with smaller sizes and bigger efficiency. Its basic reason is least production cost in China as compared to rest of the world. The time is not very far when everything we use directly or indirectly in our lives will be stamped as “MADE IN CHINA”.


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