Baluchistan Govt. terminated 66 protesting doctors

24 hour deadline to stop protest ended with terminations. Young Doctor’s Association had announced a strike for their pay raise and assurance of security but the consequences had to suffer by hundred of patients. Balochistan government sacked 66 protesting doctors, including five senior medical officers. Doctors were asked to resume their duties and call off their illegal strike but they neither resumed their duties nor ensured their attendance at hospitals. Medical care to poor patients remained disrupted due to the strike, thus, the government terminated all those protesting doctors who continued their illegal strike and did not attend the patients as part of their official duty.

The government has announced that medical officers selected through public service commission would be inducted on emergency basis in order to end the miseries of tens of thousands of patients suffering from the months’ long strike. All the fresh medical officers have been asked to report in three days and their paperwork will be done after some days. Their medical report and police reports will bechecked later, as first they would be inducted to provide medical help to the patients.


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