Aftermath of Flood in Pakistan

No one can have control over natural disasters. Earthquakes, flood, storms are faced by many countries. Pakistan has very versatile climate. Rainy season, especially monsoon, always comes up with destruction. The 2010 was the year when Pakistani people had to face big crisis. About 20 million people affected with flood and about 2000 died. But this was not enough because the remaining people were left with diseases, worst living condition and dirty water.

But today we will not discuss the bad effects. Let think about the efforts of people, their unity and support of agencies to come out of this disaster. First of all we would mention the help of Government to whom we blame all time. Government of Pakistan provided relief camps in various regions of Pakistan. Food, clean water and doctors were available all the time in the relief camps. Not even this but there were public schools in which the children used to take classes and teachers were appointed by many NGOs. The Pakistani government promised a sum of money to all families affected by the floods in order to help them rebuild their destroyed houses.

Pakistan was also supported internationally by UN agencies, WHO and many NGOs. The United Nations launched its relief efforts and appealed for $460 million to provide immediate help, including food, shelter and clean water. By the end of August, the Relief Web Financial Tracking service indicated that worldwide donations for humanitarian assistance had come to $687 million, with a further $324 million promised in uncommitted pledges. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Kuwait—had pledged more than 10 million.

In the last we would not forget to mention the kindness of Pakistani people towards their brother and sisters who were suffering from big crisis. The efforts made by every citizen of Pakistan are countless. This was the time when it was seen that people united to help their poor suffering people. They sent food, cartons of clean water tanks, cloths, bedding and monetary help. They have shown that Pakistani people are helping and kind when they are called for help.

May God protect Pakistan from natural disasters and other hard times and keep us unite to face any crisis that is heading towards Pakistan.