Plight of Pakistani prisoners in Rajasthan Jail

As may as eight Pakistani prisoners out of total 11 languishing in Central Jail Sri Ganga Nagar Rajasthan, India, have now been become mentally and physically sick despite completing their imprisonment awarded them by the local Indian judicial court for illegally entering into an Indian territory several years ago.
This was disclosed by Pakistani prisoner Tayyub Tahir, a resident of village Kaanwaan Lit, Daska in his letter to his family in Pakistan. He alleged that the Pakistani prisoners had been living a very miserable life in Indian jail as they were being treated like the animals by Indian jail officials. He said that the jail was presenting a look of filth depot as there was no proper arrangement of cleanliness in this jail and there was a great suffocation. The prisoners are unable to take fresh breath. He said that there was the worst water supply system, due to which the prisoners, especially the Pakistani prisoners were unable to take fresh and clean water.

Tahir further revealed that only three Pakistani prisoners out of total 11 had better physical and mental health. While the mentally and physically sick Pakistani prisoners were being given the improper medicines of depression as the local psychiatrists have already diagnosed this disease as bipolar disorder and this disease requires the life-long regular treatment.


Child abuse increasing in Punjab

Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) organized a one-day consultation on the subject of “Post Provincial Responsibilities of 18th Amendment and Child Protection” at a local hotel on Tuesday. On the occasion, a number of government officials and civil society representatives including IA Rehman, Justice (R) Nasira Iqbal, Justice (R) Dr Munir Mughal, MPA Semal Kamran, Secretary Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Department Arshad Bin Ahmed shared their views on the issue.

The speakers said that the child rights situation in Punjab was deteriorating day by day as child labor, child abuse and minor age marriages are on rise in the province. They said recently, a child trafficking racket was uncovered that involved handicapped children being trafficked to Iran by gangs and mafias. “According to investigation, 300 people including children had been sent to Iran for forced begging” they added.


Doctors finally think about patients

Appreciating the decision of revising the pay package for the medics, the Medical Teachers Association’s Punjab body on Tuesday asked the government to give due attention to patient care and provision of quality healthcare facilities. Talking to media on Tuesday, General Secretary MTA Dr Tehseen Riaz said that there was need of increasing health budget from meager 0.5 percent of the GDP to 2 percent of the GDP. Stressing upon the government to revise allocation for health in the budget for the coming fiscal year, he said that the MTA would have no other option except to seek cooperation of all the stakeholders across the country and start long march and stage a sit in outside the parliament house after the budget


‘Misuse’ of school soil call results ill for lady

The Secretary Education made Deputy District Education Officer of the Gulberg Town, Rubina Miraj, an OSD for “pointing out: illegal activities in City District Government Girls Middle School, Canal Park, Gulberg. The school has become a hub of unlawful activities under the nose of its headmistress and some influential of the area. The school is meant for parking stand and store for the shopkeepers of the market situated adjacent to the school while the washroom of the school has also been rented out by the headmistress who is backed up by some political people of the area.
While seeking direction regarding misuse of school property, Deputy District Education Officer (DDEO) Rubina Miraj had transferred the headmistress for supporting the illegal occupants but the District Officer Education Farkhanda Shaheen on the pressure from an MPA restored the headmistress, for which she was not authorised. While the Secretary Education made the DDEO Rubina Miraj officer on special duty (OSD) as punishment despite her work was praised and appreciated by different quarters.


DIG dismissed SHO & SI for supporting brothels

Two police officers were on Tuesday dismissed for allegedly patronising brothels in the City. The action against Kahna SHO Ghulam Dastgir and Iqbal Town Sub-Inspector Karamat Ali was taken by the acting Capital City Police Officer DIG Rao Safdar.  About 445 brothels, in the guise of hotels and guesthouses, are reportedly being run by various influential persons, including officials in the police and civil departments since a long time. Even local police high-ups are also fully acquainted with the act of supporting prostitutes, official documents have disclosed.

Four other officers – SIs Azhar Ishfaq and Azra Parveen, and constables M Kamran and Amir Hayyat – were also awarded punishment of censure


Police constable (mis)fire injures 3

A policeman opened fire in the emergency ward of the Lahore General Hospital, leaving three people injured and creating panic inside the hospital on Tuesday. The police, however, claimed the firing was accidental. The witnesses and hospital sources said the gunman, identified as constable Shaukat Masih, got infuriated when the paramedical staff delayed treatment of his colleague who was earlier shifted to the ward with bullet wounds he had sustained during an armed encounter with dacoits.

Eyewitnesses said that doctors and paramedical staff ran towards the safer places as the policeman took out his gun and opened fire on them. Meanwhile, the top hospital administration, doctors and paramedical staff reached the spot. They also staged strong protest demonstration against the police highhandedness outside the emergency ward of the hospital.


“Thana Culture” in Pakistan

Police culture of Pakistan is not a moderate one. We can’t say it a good one. Although the police flogging are not an uncommon esoteric in Pakistan, yet the shocking telecast of barrack police torture of some accused, in the presence of on-lookers by the bitter media, has unnerved the whole nation. Its subsequent admonish of the antiquated police system shows that much debated change in ‘Thana-culture’ is still a far cry; rather it has become a hopeless cliché for the ordinary public who have lost every hope of any meaningful social change in their lives. This battering fiasco has happened at a critical time as the police order-2002 is about to be replaced by a ‘balanced’ police act-2010 and the Punjab government is already working to slot in necessary legal changes to make the police system more functional and people-friendly by removing its extraneous portions.
Use of torture by the police for gleaning facts or to contrive the otherwise innocent accused to confess is constitutionally disallowed everywhere in the modern-day world as it’s an affront to human dignity. Torture contravenes the inherent dignity of a person. The main problem is that the police are not familiar with the latest methodical techniques of interrogation nor they have any scientific tools to solve complicated crime mysteries. The police order-2002 has failed to improve this situation.
Suggestions for improving the police system are:

  • Give same budget to interior ministry as defence.
  • Increase number of personnel
  • Do a scrunty of all policemen, and judge them on their performance training and check their record of corruption, those who will be eligible would remain in police other can be given to RANGER or something like this or could be sent in any other department where corruption is not possible.
  • Recruits new policemen, or take already trained ranger officers.
  • Make 3 departments in every police station
  • CID ( for investigation) all kind of criminal investigation.
  • SB (for intelligence gathering and monitoring )
  • Uniformed police with new uniform may be same to MOTORWAYPOLICE (for patrolling in street), every police station should be headed by SP level officer and every department in police station (CID SB AND NORMAL POLICE) should be headed by DSP level officers.
  • Check and balance on police , there should be a POLICE OF POLICE, department intelligence based police, they should only keep any eye on police collect public complains and investigate them, check policemen background, their assets and all, to prevent corruption and other abuses, they should also be a separate cell for policemen complains against any citizen or for any harassment.
  • Free police department of political pressure, give all the powers to a committee like CORP COMMANDER conference of ARMY, to decide about police. only IG of police should be appointed by CM or PM, all other appointments must be done by A POWER FULL POLICE DEPARTEMENT committee.
  • High level police officers should have power’s and even CM to dismiss any police officer for any problem but finial decision should be done by a committee like COURT MARCHAL system in ARMY, and all the investigation and prevue gathering must be done by POLICE OF POLICE DEPARTEMENT, as suggested above by me.
  • Increase number of police stations
  • Computerize all police stations and interlink them, also it should be linked by SP OFFICE DPOS and like that.
  • The software must be prepared in theses basses:
  • There should be a time frame given to CID for investigation and after that time the software should highlight those cases to SP or any other official automatically and then the officer in charge of case should be asked and cases should be given to FIA or any other high level team to resolve and the policy should that no case can be closed till the resolution of case.
  • SB (special branch), should be given the target to keep an eye on citizen, they must be provided all the equipments to record calls and all to check and keep secure their part of city.
  • Their should be regular training courses for every officer , and this should be must for everyone, and polices officers must be bounded to be fit and their weight should be controlled.
  • All police officers should be given normal pistols , and a special force may be ELITE FORCE should be expanded and given the name of quick RESPONCE FORCE , they should be equipped with latest guns, helicopter and other transport facilities to inervine in case of need, and when called by normal police.
  • NAZIM, DCO AND SESSION JUGE should be asked to write a report on over all performance of the police in the district and these report should be given to CM and then government will see three reporters and decide on what to do in district.
  • Police should be assured for medical facilities, free education for their children and high pay scale.
  • Independent and strict recruitment policy and system.

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12 May, Unforgettable Day of Karachi Violence






How one can forget 12 May 2007 when many people lost their lives and hundred of the people injured in Karachi violence. The Shehr e Quaid was painted with red blood on 12 May 2007. To think about why this happened and who is responsible for this is just a waste of our brain energy because we have no power and rights to inquire about all this. Even if we know who is responsible still we cannot do anything against corrupt politicians and political parties. What we can do is to share grieve with the families of those who lost their people. With parents who lost their young child, with sisters who lost their brothers and with innocent children who lost their father. In the remembrance of 12 May 2007 we all should pray for the people gone and pray for Pakistan where every day has become 12 May.

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Abbottabad Crises!

This year the month of May changed the entire image of beautiful city of Pakistan. Before 2nd May 2011, Abbottabad was known as the city of pleasant weather, high standard educational institutions and military establishment but now if it gained worldwide recognition then it is known as a death place of Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden.

Though the incident of Osama’s death is a part of new intentions of America and it does not seems to be true but if we consider it true then many questions raised on the security system of Pakistan. We claim to be the 6th largest arm force in the world but now we have lost this dignity. Though it is 6th largest but its performance let down the faces of Pakistani people.

As it has passed one week but the residents of Abbottabad still have to face many difficulties. People living near the compound of Osama bin Laden have complaint that the security is very tight and people have to face difficulties while letting in and out of the area. This event has a huge impact on the thoughts of children. Because of such event they have now threat in their minds and whenever the helicopters and plane use to fly over the region they become frighten. The tourism industry badly affected on the other hand and according to many shopkeepers and business owners that they had to face many losses because summer is a season for them to earn when tourist visit Abbottabad but now due to the security reason people avoid to come here.

What new will be seen tomorrow but we always raise our hands to God and pray him to protect Pakistan from those who have bad intentions and give us power to live with pride and dignity.

Fight Against Terrorism in Pakistan

At present, Pakistan is facing suicide attacks, bomb blasts, sectarian violence and targeted-killings coupled with intermittent battles with the militants. Besides civilian casualties, more than three thousand military soldiers and police men have become martyrs in war against terrorism, while maintaining the integrity of the federation. It is on record that Pakistan is the only country which has sacrificed more than any country of the world in war against terrorism. As regards Pakistan, terrorism can be fought on two fronts, by eliminating poverty and by using force.

Poverty is the root cause of terrorism and it is said that “a hunger man is an angry man.” Majority of people in Pakistan are living below poverty line while unemployment has made the matter worse. In these circumstances some people go to the level of extremism and even commit suicide. These people are hired by the terrorist groups and foreign secret agencies. To eliminate poverty our government should make efforts to develop agriculture sector including cottage industry. Government of Pakistan should particularly promote technical education. In this respect, more institutes should be opened in order to promote technical education. Pakistan’s tribal areas have become focus of terrorism. Joint efforts of the government and moderates are needed to fight against terrorism. Government should develop the regions to providing infrastructure, education and employment. Government should neutralise the terrorists by offering them general pardon and asking them to give up terrorism. It should also indicate that Islam is a religion of peace and does not allow suicide attacks.

Military offensive is another element to fight terrorism. Pakistan’s armed forces have already broken the backbone of the militants through successful military operations in Buner, Dir, Swat and South Waziristan. In this context, the public support to military operations is very essential, and without people’s backing no army can win this ‘different war’ against terrorism. Regarding public support, it was a good a sign that in the recent past, an all-parties conference (APC) had vowed to unite the nation against insurgency in Swat and Malakand, and to end terror, condemning all violent challenges to the constitution and the state. Besides liberal groups?even religious scholars and organizations all over the countries have strongly favoured the military operations, while condemning the anti-Islamic activities and brutalities of the Taliban. Nevertheless, this support to the military action against the terrorists must continue.

Finally, politicians, nation and security forces must show a strong sense of unity to fight terrorism.