Why Literacy rate does not increase??

Education is declared free in Pakistan but literacy rate is not increasing, why? Government of Pakistan is spending very much on education projects and inaugurating many public schools in small towns but still we have no change in literacy percentage. There are many factors behind his slow progress and in this article we will try to high light few.
Providing building and furniture is not the only responsibility of the Government. One of the major problems in our public sector educational system is poor staffing. The teachers are neither educated nor they are equipped with latest tools and techniques of education. They are under paid and due to this they show no motivation towards their duties. Most of the time they remain absent from school or if they come they have no directions or plans to take children towards new dimensions. Sometimes one teacher teaches more than one class at a time. Besides this there is absence of equipped libraries and laboratories, and lack of physical facilities like playgrounds, drinking water and washrooms.
Another reason of poor education system is No check and balance. The Government authorities have no concern towards the progress of school after making building or providing infrastructure. Dirty rooms, broken walls of schools and rooms without fans and electricity are the results of poor security system. The school areas are used for illegal activities and no one is there to ask. The classrooms are used for keeping arms and drugs and no one dares to throw them out.
It is always seen that the children of poor people are sent to the Government schools where those who have some money they try to send their children to private schools. Thus the conditions of these schools never change. If the children from all level are sent to the same school then the things would change dramatically. Education is a key to success of any country and we all should think as one nation. Private schools should have space for poor children and Government should invest more on human resource of the educational institutions because unless the people would dissatisfy they would not bring the change.

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